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Congratulations on being a Canadian Artist and thanks for checking us out!

We started Art Market Canada because we believed in the idea of a community in Canada that could both create and fund great art.

Here are the top reasons to use Art Market Canada for your next project.

1. RISK FREE. Traditionally the 2 means of obtaining artistic funding have been applying for grants and personal investment. Grant applications can be unsuccessful and then there is risk that your project may not happen due to circumstances beyond your control. Personal investment means you run the risk of not recovering your personal investment. At Art Market Canada your project funding goal protects you from the obligation of having to deliver an endeavour that you can’t recoup your investment of time and money from. Likewise your endeavour is protected from the dependence on the granting system that may or may not see your endeavour selected as worthy.

2. CONVENIENCE. We are a one stop shop where you can have your artistic endeavour presented and raising funds almost overnight without the burden of a sustained gateway expense, web design costs overhead etc. We’re ready when you are.

3. SUSTAINABILITY. We offer a place where your network can grow and be maintained. The work you do supporting your first endeavour will support and grow your network for the next one. Traditional methods of funding do not offer a chance to grow something sustainable.

4. SPEED. Grants and savings can see you wait almost a year or more between your inspiration and the notification you can proceed with your endeavour. We can get you started proactively today!

5. FREEDOM. We do not require you to make your art fit our grant, fashion, budget etc. You are in control of what you set out to do. Not every artistic endeavour can find the right grant or backer. This is artistic democracy and we’re proud and happy to provide it.

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