Art Market Canada Ė Giving all Patrons a Forum in the Arts

Congratulations on being a Canadian Patron of the Arts and thanks for checking us out!

We started Art Market Canada because we believed in the idea of a community in Canada that could both create and fund great art.

Here are the top benefits Art Market Canada brings to patrons of the arts.

1. INVOLVEMENT. Traditional models bring funding to artists through a juried dispensation of limited funds. This is an essential and valuable process but for the true patron of the arts it offers little involvement in the art and no choice of whether to support this endeavour or another. At Art Market Canada you get the chance to browse the Art and learn about the artists you will be supporting in exchange for tangible benefits. Your support might be the difference between an endeavour going ahead or back to the drawing board. You can discuss art that is yet to be with the artist on Art Market Canada. Patrons of the Arts need to be included in the forum of Art and now they are!

2. SECURITY. We background check our artists for any history of fraud and only pay out funds when the project has reached 100% of its funding goal. This means that you are protected from any fly by night activities and can be sure that the artist you are supporting is working within the budget described before you supported their endeavour. If they donít raise the funds required your money is returned to your Art Market account for you to pledge to a different endeavour or to cash out.

3. EXCLUSIVITY. We only do art at Art Market Canada. You will not be pestered with requests for funding operations in foreign countries, kitchy decorative wall hooks, business propositions or anything similar. Only projects matching your criteria and communication requests will be sent to you and we keep communications as brief and to the point as possible.

4. VIEWPOINT. Traditional arts marketing can only be what it is called. That means the public misses out on ground floor ideas at the very beginning of inspiration. Wouldnít it be great to have seen a ballet that went to national production in its genesis at a smaller hall? Wouldnít it be great to see a future composerís works before they were famous? Art Market Canada can put you in touch with the aspiring and striving artist in a new and more personal way.

5. FREEDOM. Support the Art you prefer. If you just like ballet thatís OK. If you like painting and not sculpture thatís OK too. If you like indie music but not classical so much itís all up to you. You are free to put your support where you would see fit.

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